8 tips to utilize your makeup in the best ways possible

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I usually do my shopping from Nude by Nature as it is super easy and time-saving. Also, it gets you low cost on your pockets through shopping with Nude by Nature Promo Codes. I am going to be sharing with you 8 money saving tricks that every makeup addict needs to know.

  • Tip # 1

Obviously you don’t want to go your money wasted as you would be amazed how much product is left in the tube. Even when you think there is nothing left. Just cut off the top and you would see so much product left inside. If you have bought expensive makeup from high quality brands, you may want to use every last drop that will get your money’s worth.

  • Tip # 2

You know I am all about using makeup from different things and this is one of my favorites. I love using my exclusive Nude by Nature Collection; Color Lip Last Lipstick on my cheeks in place of blush. If you have a same lipstick that can also be used as a blush then why are you wasting money on buying one for your cheeks?


  • Tip # 3

Instead of using expensive brush cleaners you can use tea tree oil in it. Grab and jab full of water and add 2 o 3 drops of this oil into it. It is an antiseptic and do not let any bacteria grow on the brushes. Also add one spoon of your favorite hand soap and clean your brushes. This is a prime idea to utilize your money in a better way.

  • Tip # 4

You can add your favorite scent to your body lotion. For instance, I have added a mist to my Farsali, rose gold elixir body lotion. This will help smell your body with the fragrance you love the most when you apply the moisturizer.  You always will end up smelling amazing.

  • Tip # 5

Instead of using shaving cream, grab your conditioner while removing your hair through safety. I have been experiencing better results with conditioner since two years. Also I have never got any cuts since I have started using it.

  • Tip # 6

You may want to use tissues every day to help put the prime makeup testing colors, removing access makeup and for cleanup. Its great money saving trick is pull away one tissue into two. You will get extra tissues that you can use another time or same time for other purpose.

  • Tip # 7

Make your own instant tanning lotion from two simple ingredients. Grab any dark foundation from discounts offered. Take lotion and add a few drops of foundation to the box of lotion or wherever it is when you need to glow.

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